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RateMyWords is a literature rating website. Share your poetry, song lyrics, short stories, essays and articles with others and receive rating and feedback.

RateMyWords is free and easy to use. You simply need to create an account, upload your work (with recordings, if you wish) and get rating!

We have pledged to give 10% of all revenue to Book Aid International (currently, our revenue is made solely through donations). To find out more about Book Aid International, please follow this link.

Get on the leader-boards, receive constructive criticism, enter our competition and rate others. More...

With reciprocal links to literary, songwriting and other related websites worldwide, you never know who will be reading your work.

RateMyWords is also a great place to build connections with other literary artists. If you like the look of another artist's work, you can get in contact with them via our internal messaging system.

When you upload your work to RateMyWords it is time-stamped and saved on our database. This acts as a proof of your work being your intellectual property.

Please only enter work that is original to you and keep it appropriate (see our policy for more details).

We would also greatly appreciate any feedback you may have so that we can make your experience on our website as enjoyable as possible.

If you like what you've heard, join RateMyWords today!

"RateMyWords is a fantastic concept: a forum of ideas which serves to connect aspiring writers to readers and helps them polish their finished product. I will watch the progress of this terrific project with interest."

- Roland Vernon, winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award.